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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Quality Time

Brett and Andrea flew in last wknd and it was so great for Scott and I to spend time with them.
We started off friday night at the Dublin Pub - dinner, drinks and live music.

Saturday morning I had to get up early to make my 8:00 am Statistics class (ugh). After class we chowed down on cucumber tuna special sushi rolls and then headed home to watch my Eagles lose to the Cowboys... Good thing we were having fun at the Dublin Down, where Scott tends bar when the game ended :)

Sunday we slept in and then Scott came over for brunch - pancakes, eggs and real BACON!! We then proceeded to play Banana grams for several hours. This fabulous, addicting game was a christmas gift from Jenny and Anth (thanks guys!) We can now add 3 more people to Banana gram fan club :)
Andrea headed out early Monday morning for her interviews at the hospital in Vancouver. So, Brett and I met up with Scott for lunch at Pho Van and then...more Banana grams. Brett flew out that afternoon, so he could get back for his classes. Andrea and I had a girl's night chilling out in front of the TV. It was nice to relax after a busy wknd and for her a long day of interviews, which she rocked :) Sure would be great if she ended up completing her residency here.


Jenny ESP said...

Except for the 8:00 am Statistics class (wth???), your wknd with Andrett (that's Andrea + Brett--not so catchy tho) sounded pretty darn perfect. Glad you all had fun together! So who was the Bananagrams champ?

mesplin said...

Brett is the master of small words LOL! Scott, Andrea and I split up the rest of the wins.
Scott and I played Sunday night - one win each. Takes a lot longer with only 2 players.

Kind of like Andrett :)

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